The Battery

How far can I go on a single charge?

You should be able to travel up to 40 kilometres (25 miles) on a single charge just using the throttle on flat ground. The battery range may extend beyond 40 kilometers by using the pedal assist function, which has 5-levels. The actual distance achieved depends on the rider and cargo weight, wind, and terrain.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes up to 180 minutes to fully charge the battery. The battery will be 80% charged after 60 minutes.

How much will it typically cost me to charge the battery in electricity costs?

It costs about 25 cents to fully charge the battery. Once the battery is charged, the charger will shut itself down and will not draw more power.

What type of battery do your electric bikes use?

We use the highest performing type of battery on the market, a Lithium Manganese (LiMg204) battery, the same battery technology used in the Nissan Leaf hybrid car. This battery is far better than Lead Acid batteries of older electric bike models, and lasts longer/generates more power than other Lithium batteries.

Do I have to wait until the battery is dead before I recharge it?

No, you don’t. Our Lithium Batteries do not suffer from memory effect.

Does the battery recharge itself when I pedal?

Our bicycles don’t have a battery recharge capability because we use geared motors. We believe that the extra weight and cost of the recharging components are not worth it for the 5% extra charging benefit that you might get from pedal recharging. Plus a geared motor allows the bike to freewheel with no drag like on regenerative models, so if you run out of juice, you can pedal without resistance.

How long does the battery last before it needs replacing?

The battery should last for up to 32,000 kilometres (20,000 miles) which is equivalent to 800 full charges (cycle life is 800). Maximum battery life is achieved by using the pedal assist mode more than just the throttle.

How do I dispose of the battery?

The battery is 100% recyclable. Simply return it to us and we will send it back to the manufacturer for you, or take it to your recycling depot.

What about other battery features?

The battery comes with a USB port for charging or running any of your devices that operate with a USB cable. The battery has a car ignition type lock and key assembly for On/Off and Lock. The battery locks firmly into the carrier for security.

Bicycle Performance and Safety

How fast will the bike go?

The bike will go 32 km/h (20 mph) on level ground without pedaling, which is the maximum allowed by most jurisdictions. It will go even faster with hard pedaling and going down hills.

How much can the bike carry?

Our standard bikes can maintain 32 km/h while carrying up to 150 kilograms (330 pounds) on a flat surface while using the pedal assist mode. We also offer commercial grade motors which can carry a load of up to 450 kilograms (1000 pounds).

Some bikes have throttle control to provide power, others have pedal assist. What about your bikes?

Unlike most electric bikes, our bikes have both types of power. The throttle control operates like a motorcycle in which you twist the handle to move forward. However we also have five levels of pedal assist, which provide various levels of power support but only when you pedal. And of course, you can pedal like a normal bicycle.

Are electric bikes safe to ride?

You bet! In fact, many users say that they feel safer on an electric bike than a regular bike because they can move out of harm’s way more quickly. Our brakes have an automatic power shutoff feature so that you can always cut the power when you need to.

Can I ride an electric bike in the rain?

Yes. Our bikes are designed for commuting or work environments, so all the electronic parts including the battery, have weatherproof casings. Having said that, if your electric bike falls in a lake, it probably will get damaged and if you find yourself in a torrential downpour it is a good idea to take shelter until the deluge subsides.

What happens if I run out of battery power while on the road?

Our bikes are much lighter 23 to 25 kgs (50 to 55 pounds) than scooters or older/cheaper electric bikes. They also use a geared motor instead of a direct drive motor, which means that there is no motor drag when the bike is used without electric assist. For both of these reasons, you can ride our bikes just like a normal bike if the battery runs out before you arrive at your destination. Our bikes have a battery charge indicator so you can monitor your battery power to avoid this situation.

Refunds, warranties, repairs, rebates, etc.

Do I need any special license, insurance or registration to use the bicycle?

No, you do not need any license, insurance or registration to ride the bicycle. It is treated exactly as a regular bicycle from a regulatory perspective.

Is any assembly required on the bicycles?

If you are located within ground travel distance of our British Columbia lower mainland warehouse, the bicycle will be delivered to you fully assembled. If you are located outside that area, the bike will be shipped to you and will require simple assembly for the pedals and handlebar, for which we will provide detailed instructions.

What if I want to return my new bicycle?

We know you will be thoroughly satisfied with your new e-bike, however, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return it within 2 days for a refund provided that it is still in a "brand new" condition. Just pay the shipping costs and a 20% re-stocking fee.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your bicycles?

Our bicycles use standard components that are readily available from any reputable bicycle repair shop. The mechanical parts of the bike do not have a warranty. However, the most expensive part of the bike, the battery, comes with a limited 12 month warranty. If you have a problem with your bicycle simply return it to the shop where you made your purchase so that an assessment can be completed to determine solution. You are responsible for basic bicycle repairs such as flat tires and periodic bicycle tune ups.

Do you know if there are any tax credits or rebates for electric bikes

We are registered with the B.C Scrap-It program, where the provincial government gives a rebate to anyone who scraps their 95 or older car for a bike. Check with your local municipality or government for any credits or rebates that may apply.

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