Elite Electric Bikes has launched the next generation of electric assist bikes.

We would like to establish business relationships with distributors worldwide.

As an Elite Electric Bikes independent distributor, you are an entrepreneur who, from day one, will have an outstanding product and a responsive research and development team dedicated to your success. Our product combined with a unique business model, gives re-sellers the opportunity to build a business at any level to fit their individual business goals earning substantial gross margins.

We are not a brick and mortar retailer, we design and build our bikes in Asia using the highest quality components, then import them and sell directly or through distributors to the end-user. Our unique business model ensures that our bikes are the most competitively priced in their class. Our model is also unique in that we sell directly to a multi-tiered and focused customer market.


  • 27 million electric assist bicycles were sold globally last year
  • Only 220,000 were sold in North America for sales of $330,000,000 yet represents a year over year increase of 83%
  • 20 million traditional bikes were sold in North America for a total of $6 Billion last year
  • 130 million units will be sold per year by 2025
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