Whether you're looking to cut transportation costs, improve your health or just get there faster, Elite Electric Bikes are an affordable, eco-friendly and fun solution. More practical than traditional bikes and cheaper than motor vehicles, here's just a few of the benefits you can expect when you hit the road on an Elite bike:

Get there faster

When others are stuck in traffic, you'll be zooming toward your destination. Elite Bikes allow you to make the most of both bike lanes and bicycle paths to avoid getting caught in traffic jams. Better yet - you won't need to worry about finding a parking spot! When you factor in the time savings, you'll find that you can often get to your destination by electric bike as fast (and sometimes even faster!) than you could by car.

Big Savings

The average car costs 50 cents a kilometre. It costs less than 4 cents to ride an electric bike the same distance! Those savings can add up quickly - for example, if you commute 30 kilometres to work, you'll save almost $14.00 every time you commute, not including parking and road tolls. If you commuted by bike just three times a week, you'd be saving over $2,000 a year! Click here to find out exactly how much your electric bike will save you.

Boost your fitness level

Trying to find the time to exercise with a busy schedule can be tough. Our solution? Get exercise while on the move! All of our bikes are "pedal-assist" bikes, meaning that as you pedal the bike helps to do the work. That makes biking a less gruelling affair and means that you'll be getting some moderate exercise on your journey - far more than you would sitting behind the wheel of your car.

Make a mole hill out of a mountain

Having to scale big hills can crush your motivation to ride. With an electric bike, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to conquer those annoying hills that stand between you and your destination. You'll feel years younger - you might even feel like a kid again!

Say goodbye to sweat

Let's face it - biking can make you sweat and for a professional, sweaty isn't good. While you'll get moderate exercise riding an Elite Bike, the pedal assistance ensures you won't arrive sweaty and in search of a shower. So go ahead - wear your best suit!

Reduce your riding risk

With complete control over your speed, you'll be able to get out of harm's way faster than a standard bike - especially at intersections where most bicycle/car collisions occur. The ability to avoid a potential accident is a benefit that is often overlooked, but you'll be glad you have it.

Avoid red tape

Car ownership can have it's headaches - especially the hassles of licensing, insurance and vehicle registration. Electric bicycles are treated exactly like regular bikes from a regulatory standpoint, so all you have to worry about is getting where you're headed.

Shrink your footprint...

Your carbon footprint, that is! Every time you choose your electric bike instead of your car, you're helping to dramatically reduce fossil fuel consumption, Greenhouse Gas emissions, lower carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution. Riding an electric bike is a powerful, easy and fun way you can tread more lightly on the planet.

Be part of a movement

When others see you arriving to work on time, feeling healthy and saving a bundle, they're sure to take notice. You won't be the only one riding an Elite Bike for long. Help start the shift towards a more economical, eco-friendly and healthy world that we all want to ride in!

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