About Elite Bikes

Elite Electric Bikes is transforming transportation with the best electric bicycles (e-bikes) on the market. Our passion is helping electric bikes become a key solution to protecting the environment, traffic congestion and employee health. Through extensive research and testing, we have created the ultimate electric bike for commercial use and daily commuting. Simply put, our bikes are friendly to the environment, your body - and your wallet!

We design and build our bikes using only high quality components and unlike brick and mortar retailers, we sell directly through our distributors to reduce the cost to our customer. Our unique business model ensures we can sell you the best built bikes at the most competitive prices in their class.

Why Electric Bikes?

Electric assist bicycles are quickly becoming an integral element of sustainable transportation. Today, electric bicycles are the only mass-produced and successful electric vehicles. In 2010, the world exceeded 27 million units, ranking electric assist bicycles as the 4th largest selling vehicle! That trend is growing - Worldwide Reports forecasts global e-bike sales will increase to 130 million units per year in the next 15 years. That means within the next 5 years, 260 million e-bikes will be on the road.

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